• Question: Are u inspirational or what damn gurl~ - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Uh wow thank you nice anon uwu


The only way to nail it is to put your phone down, take out your books, and force yourself through everything you don’t want to do.

Then you have to dedicate yourself by sticking with this regiment hour after hour, day after day, month after month, until you finally reach success.

That’s the only way. There are no shortcuts.


Mateusz M's Youtube Channel of Inspirational Videos

Watch everything this guy has on his Youtube channel. I guarantee you will feel like you are a brand new person. You will become a war machine. You will have pure motivation running through your veins.


i am the night

Rise and shine.

6am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head start telling you that it’s too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of a bed.

Aching muscles lie still in rebellion, pretending not to hear your brain commanding them to move

A legion of voices are shouting their unanimous permission for you to hit the snooze button and go back to dreamland, but you didn’t ask their opinion.
The voice you’ve chosen to listen to is one of defiance.

A voice that’s says there was a reason you set that alarm in the first place. So sit up, put your feet on the floor, and don’t look back because we’ve got work to do.

Welcome to The Grind!

For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way, 10,000 streams fan out like a river delta before you, Each one promising the path of least resistance.

Thing is, you’re headed upstream.

And when you make that choice, when you decide to turn your back on what’s comfortable and what’s safe and what some would call “common sense”, well that’s day 1.

From there it only gets tougher.
So just make sure this is something you want.
Because the easy way out will always be there, ready to wash you away, all you have to do is pick up your feet.

But you aren’t going to are you?
With each step comes the decision to take another
You’re on your way now
But this is no time to dwell on how far you’ve come.
You’re in a fight against an opponent you can’t see
Oh but you can feel him on your heels can’t you?
Feel him breathing down your neck
You know what that is?
That’s you…
Your fears, your doubts and insecurities all lined up like a firing squad ready to shoot you out of the sky
But don’t lose heart

While they aren’t easily defeated, they are far from invincible

Remember this is The Grind

The Battle Royale between you and your mind, your body and the devil on your shoulder who’s telling you that this is just a game, this is just a waste of time, your opponents are stronger than you.

Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heartbeat
Burn away your self doubt with the fire that’s beneath you
Remember what you’re fighting for
And never forget that momentum is a cruel mistress
She can turn on a dime with the smallest mistake.
She is ever searching for that weak place in your armor
That one tiny thing you forgot to prepare for
So as long as the devil is hiding the details, the question remains,”is that all you got?”, “are you sure?”
And when the answer is “yes”. That you’ve done all you can to prepare yourself for battle THEN it’s time to go forth and boldly face your enemy, the enemy within
Only now you must take that fight into the open, into hostile territory
You’re a lion in a field of lions
All hunting the same elusive prey with a desperate starvation that says VICTORY is the only thing that can keep you alive
So believe that voice that says “you CAN run a little faster” and that “you CAN throw a little harder” and that “you CAN dive a little deeper” and that, for you, the laws of physics are merely a suggestion.

Luck is the last dying wish of those who wanna believe that winning can happen by accident, sweat on the other hand is for those who know it’s a choice, so decide now because destiny waits for no man. And when your time comes and a thousand different voices are trying to tell you you’re not ready for it, listen instead for that lone voice in decent the one that says you are ready, you are prepared, it’s all up to you now, 

So rise and shine.

  • Question: Hi!!! I love your blog and I'm amazed by how disciplined you are (seriously how do you do it TT^TT). I want to get into med school as well but I live in Canada so I have to go through undergrad first. Anyway, I was wondering what notebooks you use? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Thank you!!! :)

    I use Kokuyo Campus Dot-Lined Notepaper in a Maruman 26 Ring Binder. In addition, I use bound notebooks. They are from Kokuyo, and are also dot lined. Your notes will look neater and if you want to write Cornell notes they make it easier for one to draw lines :)




9:39pm: confucianism!!

was making notes on the same thing earlier today!

Chinese history. Sigh.

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Someone asked me about what stationery I use. I did answer… But I’ve decided to expand on that a bit.

  • Question: Hey hey I have some questions, but first: Respect for everything you manage to do! You are my idol! 1): What's the app called you count your studying hours? 2): How many hours do you sleep, how many do you recommend? 3): Which pens do you like to write with? 4): any productivity tips? 5): i don't really like my school library, would it be okay to study at home, cause i feel same productive 6): do you sometimes feel a feeling like "fuck this, perhaps I am not born for med school"? wondering =) - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    It’s called 我要當學霸, and it’s a timer thing that blocks any app not on the whitelist when you’re studying. It works wonders but I don’t think there is an English version…

    I usually get around five hours of sleep. But I would recommend getting six to seven hours per night.

    Mainly I use gel pens like Uni Signo DX 0.38, Sarasa Study, Sarasa Clip, and Pilot Juice. I also have Muji gel pens, Staedtler pens and Stabilo Point 88s.

    Productivity comes mostly from self-control, so write down all your tasks. Write little motivational notes and stick them on the wall. As far as possible, keep your study area clutter-free, organized, and clean.

    Yeah, study wherever you like as long as you stay productive :)

    I’m still in high school right now so I can’t really say, but no, I don’t suppose I will hate or even dislike med school because it’s what I’ve wanted to do since age 3 or age 5 XD



Do you even study, bro?

I will always reblog any post that has to do with Campbell Biology. Always.

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Bio and cafe latte at the Starbs :)

  • Question: Hey love your tumblr!!! I see you're in Taiwan! I'm in Shanghai :) (I'm from Canada though) -Emily - justahighschooljunior
  • Answer:

    Wow! Do you go to a international school there then? :)

  • Question: girl or boy? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Ehhh it’s hard to get that across in one sentence. Let’s just say 

    • I’m DFAB
    • I’m trans*. Not necessarily FtM though.
    • I identify as a guy most of the time but there are exceptions.
    • I don’t care about pronouns, use whatever you want…but most trans* people don’t like that so this doesn’t go for everyone.
  • Question: Can you give me an outline of your study timetable.? Seems like u study for long long hours! Thank u. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Okay :)


    • Wake up at 5:00-5:15 AM, get to work by 5:30. I work for an hour and then head out for school.
    • At school I sometimes use the recesses and lunch break to do small unimportant things. Or maybe do some homework. Maybe.
    • After school which is generally 17:00-ish I head to the library and study for 4-4.5 hours until the library closes at 22:00
    • Head home, wash up, if there’s extra time I add another hour, from 23:00-24:00. Then I go to bed.

    Weekends: Because I go to an intensive cram school (Tests and lectures and a shit ton of homework from 7:30-22:00) on weekends only the 5:30-6:30 and the 23:00-24:00 sessions are usable. 

  • Question: Hello, I love your blog , i'm 17 , a senior and i dream to go to med-school like you , and in my country all students take the same fainls exam, but we can choose what subject to be examining in ,so we can all be judged the same when we choose our studies in chollage. I hope i clarifiemy situation clearly ,so these finals are going to start from 27/12 'till11/1, so i don't think i have enough time to finish my books perfectly 'till then. I NEED your advice on how to study hard , and commit to it - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    You could try making a schedule complete with all the tasks and sort of force yourself to finish everything. The key is to focus while studying, not necessarily doing it for long hours. :)

    Oftentimes textbooks have a review section covering the key points of the chapter, so a good place to start from is there if you don’t have enough time. Also, glancing over the topic sentence of each paragraph can help you decide what parts are more important and should be dealt with first, saving you a bit of time. Remember the 80/20 Rule: 80% of the questions will be based on 20% of the material! :)